Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No Snow for Christmas!

This is our front yard this weekend - no snow!

The boys before church

Christmas Day 2010

Gabe got sick early Christmas morning with the flu. So, he did some throwing up and looked pale until the afternoon. Here is when we finally let him eat his Christmas ceral - Aliens (after which he threw up again).

Grandma W gave the boys this pirate ship and sea monster for Christmas - It was a hit!

Enjoying Christmas presents - Gabe, Me, Jacob, and Jonathan

Jonathan got a Science kit - Our little scientist was pretty excited!

Jacob loves Thomas the Train and was elated when he saw his show - as you can see.

Here's Daddy and the boys with their new fleece jackets

Garrett opening a present - with that handsome grin on his face...

That nice - due to Jacob's Christmas hyperactivity - Gabe and Jonathan ended up sleeping in Jonathan's bed, which has never happened before. When I went to check on them in the middle of the night, this is the scene I found.
It was a wonderful Christmas and we were (and are) very blessed.

Christmas Eve 2010

We did our Christmas a day early, because Garrett was scheduled to work (but they put him on call.....again!). This was our Christmas Eve.

Garrett, Gabe, Jonathan

Gabe, Me, and Jacob

My Dad helped Jonathan make this ramp for Jacob and his cars. It was a hit!

Gabe made Jonathan Wookie Cookies (Thanks to Grandma Platt's recipe!).

Uncle Shawn and Aunt Carissa drew our names for Christmas. Gabe got a cross bow (that he can do without help!); Jonathan got a bow and arrow that he practiced with all day; and Jacob got an elastic band gun. They were hits. Thanks Shawn and Carissa!
Jonathan has been taking pictures over the holidays and here are a couple of the other gifts that we exchanged as a family:
Garrett gave Gabe cheese-filled crackers.
Jacob made (with mom's help) a calendar with a picture of the boys and Garrett taking a rest from a hike we went on during a camping trip. We hung it on the fridge...

Uncle Joseph's Homecoming

Uncle Joseph came home from his mission on December 2nd. It was so exciting for the boys to see him. My knee had developed an allergic reaction, so I was not able to walk. Garrett had to work, so my darling mother pushed me around the airport, while keeping track of three distractable boys. Joseph ended up coming on a later flight, so it was a long afternoon.

Vincent, Jonathan, Hadley, Corbin, Gabe, Bradyn waiting and waiting and waiting....

Gabe getting a little silly while he waited....

Uncle Joseph is finally here!!!!

Nephews w/Uncle Joseph: Bradyn, Vincent, Jonathan, Corbin, Jacob, Gabe, Andy, Hadley
I wanted to have pictures to show how the boys grew while Uncle Joseph was away, so here's the shot right before he left....
And when he came home:

This bottom picture was at a restarant where we after leaving the airport.

My Surgery and Thanksgiving

On November 17th, I had my menniscus (?spelling) operated on. Garrett went with me for the surgery, which went well, and then, he left me in the caring hands of my mom and dad, and took the boys to hang out with Garrent's mom and Darrell for a few days, leaving me better able to relax and recover.

On the way back home, they stopped at Brandon and Mandy's house and played with their cousins.

For Thanksgiving, we went to my mother's parent's home. This is me with my grandpa, sporting my new hairdo.

Garrett and Jacob

Melanie, Maylee, and Grandpa

Melanie, Maylee, Mathew, and Grandpa

Gabe, Uncle Dave, Brooke, and Mathew

Stephanie and Grandpa

Jonathan, Jacob, Grandpa, and Gabe

Riding on Daddy's back....

Uncle Doug, Grandma, and Dad

Grandma, a sleeping Jacob on Grandpa's lap, Me, Mom, Uncle Doug's head

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Latest Goings-On

Well, I haven't been very good at keeping up on all this, but I'll blame it on our lack of Internet connection. Here is the latest and greatest in our home.

Jonathan, Jacob, and Gabe playing on their favorite toy - Daddy! (who just buzzed his hair).

Snuggling up....

The Halloween Party at my parents house - Ryan, Jonathan, Gabe, Katie, Brooke, Rachel, Sarah, Jacob, Owen and Emmy on the floor - Aren't they all darling!
Jonathan - Spiderman; Gabe - Happy Feet Penguin; Jacob - Thomas the Train

Trip to the Pumpkin Patch - Gabe, Jacob, and Jonathan waiting for the tractor ride....

The Pumpking Patch - Jonathan, Gabe, and Jacob

Gabe, Jacob, and Jonathan eating spaghetti - lots of spaghetti!

Jacob in the bathtub - playing...

Decorating Ginger Bread Cookies after Family Home Evening

Watching a show with Daddy

This is in our neighbor's yard - They were gone and the boys raked up their leaves as a service. I was so proud of them that they thought of this themselves. The, of course, they had to play in the leaves.

I sent the boys downstairs to watch a show while I got dinner on and I came down to a very quiet room......too quiet. Yes, they're all passed out. No sleep tonight!

Gabe's birthday party - He got a Star Wars Icecream cake - It was a big hit. Four wonderful years with our "big boy".

Gabe loves Star Wars - as you can see. Here's a b-day present.
This whole post is kind of backwards. Gabe's b-day was back in August and the shaved head picture of Garrett just happened.